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Chest Freezers

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Beko CF1100APW Chest Freezer (310 litres) in White

Huge frozen storage from Beko.With a staggering 310 litres of space inside, the CF1100APW can hold everything a big family or small business could possibly need. An A+ energy rating means it only costs an average of just £53.40 annually. Its warning light tells you if the temperature begins to rise so you can adjust it so your food doesn't spoil. With the ability to operate in much cooler environments than usual, all the way down to -15°C, this is the perfect machine for a garage or outbuilding.



Beko CF1300APW Chest Freezer in White

Store it in your garage. Beko's chest freezer can be kept in any room where temperatures drop to as low as -15°C, which is something most chest freezers can’t do. That means it's perfect for keeping in a garage or outhouse. There’s a large 374 litres to stock up on frozen food, and with a 4 star freezer rating, it will keep for up to 12 months. There are 3 baskets that you can slide along to fit around your food and remove them too, making it easy to fill. It’s A+ rated too, so will only cost an average of £4 a month to run night and day.


87cm Wide Chest Freezer 237 Litres


113cm Chest Freezer 324 Litres


Hoover CFH106AWK Chest Freezer


Hoover CFH157AWK Chest Freezer


Hoover CFH307AWK Chest Freezer


Hoover CFH382AWK Chest Freezer


Fridgemaster MCF98 Chest Freezer

Electrolux EC1501AOW Chest Freezer 142L - White

Electrolux EC1501AOW 142L Chest Freezer - White


Electrolux EC2231AOW 210L Chest Freezer - White

Zanussi ZFC14500WA chest freezer in white

Chest Freezer 86.8H x 60W x 66.5D / 142lt-5cft Gross capacity. 1 Baskets, Easy open lid, Freezing capacity, 13kg/24h. White.

Zanussi ZFC21400WA chest freezer in white 24kg capacity

Chest Freezer 87.6H x 79W x 66.5D / 221lt-7.8cft Gross capacity. 1 Basket, High-temp alarm, Easy open lid, Freezing capacity, 24kg/24h. White.

Zanussi ZFC26500WA chest freezer in white 16kg capacity

Chest Freezer 86.8H x 93.5W x 66.5D / 263lt-9.3cft Gross capacity. 2 Baskets, Easy open lid, Freezing capacity, 16kg/24h. White.

Zanussi ZFC31500WA chest freezer in white 17 kg capacity

Chest Freezer 87.6H x 105W x 66.5D / 304lt-10.7cft Gross capacity. 3 Baskets, Easy open lid, Freezing capacity, 17kg/24h. White.

Zanussi ZFC41400WA chest freezer in white 19kg capacity

Chest Freezer 86.8H x 132.5W x 66.5D / 404lt-14.3cft Gross capacity. 3 Baskets, Easy open lid, High-temp alarm, Freezing capacity, 19kg/24h. White.

Statesman CHF100 chest freezer 100L in white


Zanussi ZFC620WAP chest freezer 13kg capacity in white

Zanussi Chest Freezer, Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 868x606x665, White A+

Zanussi ZFC627WAP chest freezer 16kg freezing capacity in white

Zanussi Chest Freezer, Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 868x946x668

Zanussi ZFC631WAP chest freezer 17kg capacity in white

Zanussi Chest Freezer, Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 868x1061x668

LEC CF100LW MK2 chest freezer 56cm - white

LEC CF100LW MK2 Chest Freezer 56.3cm

LEC CF150LW MK2 chest freezer 73cm 142L - white

LEC CF150LW MK2 Chest Freezer 73cm 142L

LEC CF200LW MK2 chest freezer 94.5cm 199L - white

LEC CF200LW MK2 Chest Freezer 94.5cm wide

LEC CF250LW MK2 chest freezer 98.5cm 249L - white

LEC CF250LW MK2 Chest Freezer 98.5cm 249L

LEC CF300LW MK2 chest freezer 295L - white

LEC CF300LW MK2 Chest Freezer 295L - White

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