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Super Performing Charcoal Filter ECFBLL02 - 1 Piece. Long Lasting And High Efficiency (Llhe) Charcoal Filters Round Shape. Regenerable With 3 Years Service Life.. The Charcoal Filter, Offers A Carbon Filtration Process In Recirculation Hoods, That Allows Active Carbons To Remove Odors And Absolves Grease While Cooking So You Can Have Your Kitchen Free From Cooking Odorous, Guaranteeing Air Purification And A Pleasant Cooking Environment. Long Life Regenerable Charcoal Filters Are Made Of Very Efficient Charcoal Pellets Absorbing Unpleasant Scents. Regeneration Must Be Performed Every 3-4 Months, Depending On Hood Operation. Maximum Number Of Regeneration Cycles Is 8 (At Intense Use It Is Not Recommended To Perform More Than 6 Cycles).
Manufacturer: AEG
SKU: 902979879
Manufacturer part number: ECFBLL02
GTIN: 7332543632503