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AEG Roasting Pot/Pan With Lid. Flavour, perfectly preserved in one pot. The Multi-Layer (5-Ply) Material Will Heat The Roasting Pot Quickly And Give An Even Temperature To The Full Pot, Bringing Out The Best Of Any Ingredient Or Flavor.. The size and shape of the Roasting Pot is designed to perfectly fit both your hob and oven. Cook everything from casseroles to roast meats, vegetables and poultry. Sear and simmer on the hob, then finish off your dish in the oven in one convenient process whilst retaining all the rich flavours for juicy, tender results every time. The double handles make it simple when moving between your hob and oven. Fits perfectly with your induction hob and can be used on all other hob types too Dimensions* 28 x 39 x 8cm
Manufacturer: AEG
SKU: 902979677
Manufacturer part number: A9KLLC0
GTIN: 7332543522316