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aeg A2SLT salt block

AEG Salt Block. A Natural Way Of Cooking. The Block provides a platform for seasoning and serving food naturally and healthily. Sourced from pink rock salt in the Himalayas, the block can be heated in the oven, on the hob, or chilled in the fridge or freezer. Dimensions*8 x 33 x 22cm (1 piece of salt block 20x30x3)

aeg A3OS1M sous vide bags

AEG Sous-Vide Bags. Now you can use the SousVide technique and get restaurant quality results every time, maximising all the flavours to their fullest. Just vacuum seal your chosen ingredients and the chemistry between natural flavours and nutrients will expand with no air getting in the way. Suitable for professional and home use. Can be used up to 120°C for cooking or down to -40°C for preservation. To be used together with AEG Steam ovens with SousVide programme (25 + 25 bags per pack, 2 sizes – 30 x 20 cm and 35 x 25cm)
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aeg A3SS cookware set

AEG Cookware Kit Aeg. Three-piece stainless steel cookware set to master every day cooking. Can be used on any heat source. Good Heat Distribution Thanks To The Stable Bottom. Coated Frying Pan Makes It Easy To Cook And As Easy To Clean Clean. 3-ply base. Includes; 24 cm Non-stick frying pan, 16 cm pot + lid, 20 cm pot + lid

aeg A4OZDT0M roasting & bakery tray

AEG Roasting And Baking Tray.The deep design of this tray makes it very versatile, perfect for roasting, gratin, poaching or baking, and used with a grill rack it works as an excellent drip tray. Non-stick ProfiClean surface. Easy to clean. Dimensions: 46.5 × 38.5 × 4 cm
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aeg A9ALCS01 conical saute pan

AEG Conical Sauté is optimal for sautéing and flash-frying small portions of meat and vegetables to achieve crisp yet moist results. Matched with the Chinois Colander accessory it is also perfect for silky smooth sauces, soups and custards. More exposed cooking surface for better sautéing results. Easier to stir and whisk food for perfect mixing. 5 ply – Multi layer materials. Dishwasher and oven safe up to 250 ºC. Suitable for all hob types. Dimensions Ø 22cm. Volume 2 litres
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aeg A9ALFP01 frying pan

AEG Frying Pan. This frying pan’s short sides and base are designed to deliver rapid, uniform heating and gentle, consistent moisture reduction. Capsule bottom for faster, better heat distribution. Works well on all hob types. 5 ply – Multi layer materials. Dishwasher and oven safe up to 250 ºC DimensionsØ 28cm
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aeg A9ALFPS1 non stick frying pan set - champagne

AEG Aluminium Frying Pan Set Champagne. Combine functionality and performance in everyday cooking, This set of aluminium-coated, Champagne coloured frying pans is ideal for everyday frying, searing and browning with little or no oil. Each pan has a non-stick coating and delivers fast and even heating allowing gentle moisture reduction at the centre.DUPONT certified non-stick coating. Oven safe up to 250ºC. Dimensions Ø 26cm and Ø 30cm.
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aeg A9ALLC01 low casserole pan with lid

AEG Low Casserole Pan with lid. The Low Casserole is a multi-purpose pan optimised for braising, poaching and simmering. You can confidently create creamy risotto, casseroles and dishes that need extra space when cooking or poaching individual portions.plenty of Room for well-separated, well-submerged ingredients. Double handle for an easy, comfortable lift. 5 ply – Multi layer materials. Dishwasher and oven safe up to 250 ºC Dimensions Ø 30cm. Volume 4.5 litres
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aeg A9ALPS01 pasta insert

AEG Pasta Insert. Your Pasta Will Always Be Perfectly Cooked Using The Pasta Insert. The Pasta Strainer makes cooking pasta completely hassle-free, allowing you to drain and transfer even large amounts of pasta easily. The large handles are designed to protect your hands when you lift the strainer in and out of hot water. Designed to be used with the AEG 9-litre Stock Pot
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aeg A9ALSA11 casserole pan with lid 3l

AEG 3L Casserole With Lid. A single pan ideal for a wide range of diverse dishes. This flexible 3 litre casserole allows you to simmer soups, create a hearty beef casserole or simply boil vegetables. Inside markings guarantee exact and precise measurements.Double handle for an easy, comfortable lift. 5 ply – Multi layer materials. Dishwasher and oven safe up to 250 ºC. Dimensions Ø 22cm. Volume 3 litres
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aeg A9ALSA21 saucepan with lid 1.7l

AEG 1.7L Saucepan with lid. Designed to optimise space and maximise functionality, this smaller saucepan is surprisingly versatile. Ideal for boiling or blanching vegetables, volume markings on the inside enable precise measurement and make this the perfect tool for simmering creamy sauces or gravies.. Volume markings inside pan for exact liquid measurement. Works well on all hob types. 5 ply – Multi layer materials. Dishwasher and oven safe up to 250 ºC.Dimensions Ø 16cm. Volume 1.7 litres
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aeg A9ALSP01 stock pot

AEG 9L Stockpot With Lid. You can boil even large pieces of meat or seafood in this generously sized stock pan, which holds enough liquid to also give perfect non-stick results when cooking pasta of any kind. The unique multi-layer material is specially developed for optimal induction-hob performance, but works well on other hob types too. Dishwasher And Oven Safe, Volume markings inside pan for exact liquid measurement DimensionsØ 24cm Volume9 litres
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aeg A9HL33 plancha grill

AEG Plancha Grill. Turn your hob in an instant to a barbecue and get perfect grill taste all year round with the Plancha Grill. Heat is distributed fast and evenly across the plate, ensuring all ingredients are grilled evenly wherever you place them. So you can grill steaks to perfection, prepare asparagus with the right crunch or sear scallops with a crispy crust and a tender inside whenever you want them.Less oil can be used thanks to the non-stick coating giving you healthier food without compromising on taste or texture. Fits perfectly with your induction hob and can be used on all other hob types too. The non-stick coating makes for effortless cleaning. Dimensions. 22 × 43.2 × 1.8 cm
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aeg A9KLLC0 roasting pot

AEG Roasting Pot/Pan With Lid. Flavour, perfectly preserved in one pot. The Multi-Layer (5-Ply) Material Will Heat The Roasting Pot Quickly And Give An Even Temperature To The Full Pot, Bringing Out The Best Of Any Ingredient Or Flavor.. The size and shape of the Roasting Pot is designed to perfectly fit both your hob and oven. Cook everything from casseroles to roast meats, vegetables and poultry. Sear and simmer on the hob, then finish off your dish in the oven in one convenient process whilst retaining all the rich flavours for juicy, tender results every time. The double handles make it simple when moving between your hob and oven. Fits perfectly with your induction hob and can be used on all other hob types too Dimensions* 28 x 39 x 8cm
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aeg A9MBOML omelette maker

AEG Omelette Maker. Make a perfect and tasty omelette in no time with this clever all-in-one microwave Omelette Maker by AEG & Joseph Joseph. Crack the eggs in the bowl, add ingredients or seasoning you like, whisk everything together and put in the microwave. The Aeg And Joseph Joseph Omelette Bowl Is A High Quality Bowl To Make a Perfectly Cooked Omelette Directly In The Microwave Using Only A Bowl Allowing You To Quickly Cook Omelette In The Microwave So You Can Enjoy A Tasty Omelette Without Even Dirtying A Pan. The Bowl Is Easy To Clean And It Is Dishwaser Safe. Dimension 19.3 x 21 x 14cm
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aeg A9MBSET microwave stack set

AEG microwave Stack Set.Serve perfectly cooked meals directly from the microwave to table with the versatile stackable Cooking Set by AEG & Joseph Joseph. Cook pasta or potatoes in the 2 litre cooking pot; steam vegetables or fish in the steamer basket and cook crispy bacon on the griddle. Four stackable and inter-changeable pieces: cooking pot, steamer basket, griddle and reversible lid, The reversible lid can be used as a plate if wanted, Volume 2 litres. Dimension 24.5 x 19.5 x 15.5cm
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aeg A9MBSTE2 rice and grain cooker

AEG Rice And Grain Cooker.With the Rice and Grain Cooker by AEG & Joseph Joseph you can easily achieve perfectly fluffy results in minutes. Prepare, cook and serve in one with this ergonomically designed set. The multi-purpose rice paddle simultaneously locks the lid closed for cooking and also provides two convenient carrying handles. Set contains a large 2 litre cooking pot with lid, colander, measuring cup and multi-purpose rice paddle. Can be used for all types of grains including rice, oats, couscous and quinoa. Volume 2 litres. Dimension 22 x 18 x 13.5cm
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aeg A9OBGC23M steam set

AEG Steam Set designed for larger quantities of food to bring out taste and texture in the ingredients. Small perforations in the containers allow steam to circulate around the food while keeping it separate from excess water. Suitable for fish, meat, rice and vegetables. Includes 2 stainless steel trays. Dishwasher safe. Designed to use with AEG Steam ovens. Dimensions: 32.5 × 34.4 cm
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aeg A9OZBT0M bakery tray

AEG Bakery Tray.Experience freshly baked baguettes with a perfect golden crust and soft interior. Perforations in the tray helps the heat and steam to circulate around the dough to create a crispy texture while keeping the interior soft and moist. Non-stick aluminium tray. Easy to clean Designed to use with AEG Steam ovens. Dimensions: 46.6 × 38.5 cm
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aeg A9OZPS1 pizza stone kit

AEG Pizza Stone Kit. Get the perfect pizza with this authentic baking technique The refractory brick gives you the same crispy touch only a professional pizza oven can provide, with the quick heat up and excellent heat retention of the brick. Perfect baking results also for focaccia, pastries and other breads. Can be used for all oven types. Includes 1 stone, 1 wooden sliding board & Slicer. Dimensionsstone 33 x 38cm wooden slide 29cm
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aeg A9OZS10M steam kit set

AEG Steam Kit Set. Steaming food is a healthy and fast cooking method that brings out the ultimate taste and texture in your ingredients. Take your performance to the next level with the same tools used by professional chefs. Small perforations in the containers allow steam to circulate around the food while keeping it separate from the excess water. This high quality set comes in a full range of sizes to match all types of ingredients, from fish and meat, to rice and vegetables. Includes 8 pieces. Stainless steel Designed to be used with AEG Steam ovens. Dishwasher safe
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aeg ABB6821VAF built under freezer manual defrost a+

Built-under Freezer, A+ Energy, Door on Door Fixing, 82cm height. (Pairs with SKB5821VAF) (Appliance dimensions 815mm x 596mm x 550mm) Manual Defrost
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