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Since 1946 Grundig has made modern, high-quality products which make people’s lives better. What began back in 1946 with a radio has now grown into a wide range of products available throughout Europe with a focus on quality and style.

Their latest innovation is a new range of high quality, award winning stylish home appliances available now in the UK. Grundig home appliances come with a 5 year warranty as standard to reflect their trust in the German design and reliability of their range.

Grundig is a brand with German heritage and is not only innovative and efficient, but also manufactures goods that are reliable and sustainably good for the environment. At its essence Grundig creates products that add joy to your life by helping you get the most out of important things in life. It is in this way that they are continuing to evolve while remaining faithful to their range of products – designed with you in mind.

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Built with high-quality materials and easy to use, our hobs whet your appetite for cooking. Preparing the most delicious dishes is pure pleasure with our high-performance hobs.
£349.00 £308.00


This stylish and modern 60cm Hood is easy to use and it has a user friendly display, with an Electronic Soft control that enables you to control the hood with a single touch. It has a powerful extraction capacity of 780 m3/h this will ensure your kitchen air freshens promptly. The washable cassette filters make cleaning an easy and quick task.


The GDK5782B is an angled hood with style. The sleek black finish suits all modern kitchens and is easily wiped clean. Not only that, but it has an impressive extraction rate of 740 m3/h. So not only does this hood have style, to back it up. Washable cassette filters are included so that cleaning them is quick and easy. Like all our Grundig appliances, the GDK5782B comes with a 5 year warranty.


This 90cm Hood powers at a mighty 860 m3/h extraction power capacity. Operate it with a touch of your finger with the Touch sensitive electronic control including a modern LED display. This hood includes 4 different power levels which can be changed with a touch to meet your every need.


This stylish oven makes cooking delicious and healthy food, quick and easy. The steam assist function helps to keep food moist retaining the foods nutrients, colour and texture to captures optimum taste. The special coating prevents stubborn stains from building up.


60cm Multifunction Oven with programmable digital display


This is a stylish oven with Pyrolytic cleaning technology reduces grease and food residue to dust so you can easily wipe it away. Cooking has also been made easier with the Chef Assist programme with 37 recipes each producing fantastic results.
£649.00 £569.00


This oven has the World's Lowest Energy Consumption and it is also the most silent, operating at a mere 41dBa. For your convenience this oven uses an excellent clean glass door which prevents the build-up of grease and dirt allowing for an easy clean after cooking.
£599.00 £529.00


This high capacity multi-function double oven helps with the cooking with 37 pre-programmed recipes. The booster function heats the oven up quickly, ideal for when you need to start cooking straight away. For quick and easy cleaning of the oven, catalytic liners cleverly absorb grease and food odours.


This compact oven is small but packed with features. This oven makes cooking delicious healthy food quick and easy. The Steam Assist function helps to keep food moist, retaining the foods nutrients, colour and texture.


This compact oven is perfect if you don't want to compromise quality for size. This oven includes a Fast Cook function so that food is cooked 50% faster than a conventional oven. Prepare a perfectly roasted chicken in a fraction of the time.


The Grundig GEZM47001BP is an oven packed full of options. It features multi taste airflow technology, so you can can cook different types of food at the same time without having to worry about the flavours mixing. 37 pre-programmed recipes mean it can even do the cooking for you, all you need to do is put the food in. The GEZM47001BP also features pyrolytic cleaning so you need even need to clean it out after! What more could you want.


The GEZS47000B offers multifunctional cooking at it's finest. With 37 pre-programmed recipes you can just choose the setting, and the oven will do the rest. It even comes with catalytic liners so cleaning it is as easy as cooking with it!


Side opening, a feature only available on a select range of ovens. Yet the GEZS57000BL could solve potential issues when it comes down to space saving. This multi-functional oven offers 37 recipes so you can just select what you want, the oven will do the rest. Cooking different foods at the same is possible thanks to it's multi-taste technology, and the flavours won't mix. Cleaning is no problem too, with this model featuring catalytic liners, so keeping it clean is simple and effective. Like all our Grundig appliances, the GEZS57000BL comes with a 5 year warranty.


The Grundig GIEI323210E is domino hob designed for its ease of use. This 30cm wide induction hob has Grundig's booster technology added, so you can get things cooking quicker. The black glass surface enables it to be cleaned with a single wipe. The GIEI323210E comes with a 5 year warranty.


This Grundig GIEI624410X induction hob is designed for you to enjoy cooking. Touch slider controls make it easy to use and it includes a memory setting so you can pre-set all you favourites for future use. As with all our Grundig appliances, the GIEI624410X comes with a 5 year warranty.
£499.00 £439.00


The Grundig GIEI635880X is an induction hob with style. This 60cm wide hob includes 2 flexi zones which adjust themselves to the width of your pans, saving you space and money. Thanks to it's booster technology, the GIEI635880X brings liquid to the boil quickly and efficiently so you can start cooking immediately. As with all our Grundig appliances, the GIEI635880X comes with a 5 year warranty.


With the Grundig GIEI824470X you won't have to wait long for the water to heat up. This 80cm wide Induction Hob includes a booster setting to ensure you're never stuck waiting around for things to heat up, you can even set a timer so you can carry on with other things whilst you wait. The Anti-overflow system leaves you safe in the knowledge that your pans won't boil over when your back is turned. The GIEI824470X's black finish ensures that it is astylish finish that completes any style kitchen. As with all our Grundig appliances, this induction hob comes with a 5 year warranty.


The GIGG6234150X is designed to make your cooking experience simpler. Finished in black glass, this 4 burner gas hob site is modern,stylish and easy to clean. Electronic ignition ensures a quick start and the extra large ring means wok cooking is simple. As with all the Grundig appliances we offer. The GIGG6234150X comes with a 5 year warranty.
£299.00 £229.00


The Grundig GIGM623415X is designed with you in mind. This gas hob consists of a single piece of stainless steel, with cast iron pan supports. The auto ignition and flame safety features give you a sense of practicality and piece of mind. Like all the Grundig appliances we offer, the GIGGM6234150X comes with a 5 year warranty.
£249.00 £309.00


Coffee at the touch of a button, that is what the GKI1110B offers. This integrated coffee machine uses bean-to-cup technology to get the ratio right every time. Whether you're after an espresso in the morning, to relaxing with a cappuccino, the GKI1110B has you covered. Not only all that, but you can choose whether you want the water tank plumbed in, or refillable.


The Grundig GKNI15720 will not only keep your food fresh, it'll save you money. Thanks to it's A++ energy rating it's highly efficient, meaning it won't put strain on your bills, and thanks to it's duo cooling technology, it's frost free too! This fridge freezer is perfect for any kitchen, and as we are able to offer a 5 year warranty, you can rest easy with a Grundig.


The Grundig GNV41810 is an impressive dishwasher, capable of doing a whole load on just 6 litres of water. Not only does it save you money on your bills, it's whisper quiet. The GNV41810 features an All-in-wash programme, meaning you can put the delicate glass on top, whilst still washing soiled items at the same time underneath. As with all our Grundig appliances, the GNV41810 comes with a 5 year warranty, so not only will it keep your items clean, it'll give you piece of mind for the future.


The GSV41920 offers all the function of a full dishwasher, in a smaller size. It's A++ rated so you can save upto 20% when cpmpared to A rated dishwashers. Featuring Grundig's All-in-wash, you can wash the delicate items on the top, but still wash those soiled pans on the bottom as the same time. This means less washes, which adds up to more money saved. As with all our Grundig appliances, the GSV41920 comes with a 5 year warranty.

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