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Double DishDrawer Flat Door Stainless Steel


DishDrawer™ Tall Single Dishwasher Stainless Steel


Single DishDrawer Stainless Steel


Enjoy a dishwasher that blends seamlessly into your kitchen, with the Fisher & Paykel DD60SHi7 integrated single DishDrawer dishwasher. Hosting a unique design, this dishwasher has an ergonomically designed drawer instead of the traditional drop-down drawer. It slides out like a kitchen drawer, ensuring you can load and unload the dishwasher with minimal effort.




90cm Wide Integrated Single Dishdrawer i2


EcoSmart 13 Place Freestanding Dishwasher White


Slim line dishwasher with A+ energy rating


Slim line dishwasher with A+ energy rating


Demonstrating an impressive A+ for energy efficiency, the Beko DIN15210 fully integrated dishwasher is designed to help you maintain an economical home, while fitting seamlessly into the design of your kitchen. Spacious interior Hosting enough room for 12 place settings, Beko's fully integrated dishwasher has enough room for any home, big or small. Power 5 varying wash programmes are complimented by 4 separate temperatures, so you can always find a dishwashing cycle suited to your needs. Whether you have large pots and pans with stubborn grease and residue, or just a few coffee cups, this versatile dishwasher will do the job well.




The Beko DIS15010 Dishwasher comes in a modern silver colour. The DIS15010 has an efficient A+ energy rating. This DIS15010 comes complete with an anti-flood device. You will be able to benefit from this built in-integrated Dishwasher quick wash feature. To offer peace of mind the Beko DIS15010 built in-integrated Dishwasher also comes with 2 years warranty.




De Dietrich DVY1310J 45cm Slimline 10 Place Fully Integrated Dishwasher
£559.00 £349.00


Hoover 16 Place Wi-Fi Dishwasher, DYM762TXWIFI - Stainless


This AEG built-in dishwasher does all the hard work for you thanks to clever sensors, which work out the best cycle time and temperature for your dishes. This gives your pots a thorough clean and saves you energy. With enough room for 13 place settings, there's plenty of room for dishes, glassware and pans. You can also delay the start time up to 24 hours. Plus, select the half load function if you need glassware clean in a hurry.
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With this new generation of ProClean™ dishwashers, you get a superior level of cleaning with every load. Their innovative technology ensures low energy use. Stainless steel panel
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Coming with a 12 place setting capacity, there’s enough space inside for 12 sets of plates, cutlery, saucers, glasses and bowls in one go, so it’ll easily cope with a larger household’s daily demands. The A+ energy rating will knock a few pennies off your bills, and it comes with an anti-flood device for extra peace of mind. There are loads of programmes to choose from, including a glass care cycle and a 30 minute quick wash. It also has adjustable racking to give you flexibility when loading bulkier pots and pans.




Hoover HED120W/1-80 12 Place Freestanding Dishwasher White


The CDA WF610BL is a high performance freestanding dishwasher presented in a minimal and stylish curved black design with concealed door edge control panel. The A++ energy rating, intelligent programmes and 9 litre water consumption for a 15 place setting load means that this dishwasher is highly efficient. Convenient features like the two removable top level cutlery trays and interior light for easy unloading, together with height adjustable upper baskets even when loaded, make this dishwasher very easy to use.



Baumatic Iberna BYDI630

Baumatic Iberna BYDI630 Fullsize Dishwasher, A+ Energy Rating
£249.00 £219.00


With dedicated holders and a tray designed for flexibility, the racks and baskets in this dishwasher can be flexibly adjusted to make space for up to 13 place settings.
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Wash up to 13 place settings at once with this AEG dishwasher, and have the party guests’ plates sparkling clean in one load. Dishes are cleaned with the best use of time, energy and water by the AutoSense feature, so you get brilliant results. The OKO PLUS system uses a lower temperature, meaning you save up to 60% in energy and on money too. This also helps it maintain its A+ rating for energy efficiency. And, when you’re in a rush, the half-hour programme will lend a helping hand on lightly stained dishes.
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White 60cm dishwasher, with 13 place settings, 6 programmes including 30 Min 60°, LED display, Intensive / Automatic / Quick / Rinse programmes, 1-24hr Delay Start, Multi-tab feature, flexible baskets, AutoOff function, and 47dB(A) sound level.
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Powerful washing up, hidden — this ProClean dishwasher cleans on the quiet. Soft-sound, soft-touch technology, with flexible loading space, takes care of your washing-up, large items included. And the fully integrated design fits perfectly behind any kitchen door, so it’s out of sight and out of mind.


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Tired of hearing your dishwasher going about its daily work? At only 46db, the AEG F66609M0P is ridiculously quiet! This full-size stainless steel dishwasher boasts 13 place settings and 6 wash programmes including an auto sense 45º - 70ºC programme that’s ideal for washing anything from glasses to roasting dishes. Additionally, the touch controls and LCD on the front of the door make operation child’s play.
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Tired of hearing your dishwasher going about its daily work? At only 46db, the AEG F66609W0P is ridiculously quiet! This full-size stainless steel dishwasher boasts 13 place settings and 6 wash programmes including an auto sense 45º - 70ºC programme that’s ideal for washing anything from glasses to roasting dishes. Additionally, the touch controls and LCD on the front of the door make operation child’s play. White
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The ProClean™ system ensures extra-powerful cleaning even of the most crowded loads, thanks to the unique double-rotation arm combined with 5 spray levels.
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Combining a large capacity with efficient operation, the AEG F88709M0P dishwasher provides you with the ideal dishwashing experience. An extra large interior capacity makes this dishwasher really stand out: it accommodates 15 place settings, letting you wash large dishes and big pots with ease. And the programmes are just as versatile. Included in this machine’s 8 programmes is a super-quick wash option, which can have the supper dishes back on the table in 30 minutes - just in time for dessert! Or you could try the ExtraSilent setting; simply select either the 43dB or super-silent 39dB wash.
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The new generation of ProClean™ dishwashers provide you extra support for your delicate glasses thanks to the SoftGrip and SoftSpikes glass care features.
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The Grundig GNV41810 is an impressive dishwasher, capable of doing a whole load on just 6 litres of water. Not only does it save you money on your bills, it's whisper quiet. The GNV41810 features an All-in-wash programme, meaning you can put the delicate glass on top, whilst still washing soiled items at the same time underneath. As with all our Grundig appliances, the GNV41810 comes with a 5 year warranty, so not only will it keep your items clean, it'll give you piece of mind for the future.


The GSV41920 offers all the function of a full dishwasher, in a smaller size. It's A++ rated so you can save upto 20% when cpmpared to A rated dishwashers. Featuring Grundig's All-in-wash, you can wash the delicate items on the top, but still wash those soiled pans on the bottom as the same time. This means less washes, which adds up to more money saved. As with all our Grundig appliances, the GSV41920 comes with a 5 year warranty.

Indesit DSR15B1UK

Indesit DSR15B1 10 Place Slimline Dishwasher in White


Rangemaster RDW1045FI Built In Fully Int. Slimline Dishwasher


Ideal for smaller kitchens, Neff's S58T40X0GB slimline integrated dishwasher boasts an A+ for energy efficiency so you can have an economical home.




The A++ energy efficient S58T69X1GB dishwasher from Neff will assist you in lowering your energy bills. Featuring 10 place settings and an adjustable top basket, you’ll be able to fit more in and have fewer loads.




Table Top Dishwasher White


ActiveWater Dishwasher 60cm Semi Integrated White


ActiveWater Dishwasher 60cm Semi Integrated Stainless Steel


ActiveWater Dishwasher 60cm Semi Integrated Black


Fully Integrated Dishwasher 60cm Series 2


ActiveWater Dishwasher 60cm Fully Integrated Series 4


ActiveWater slimline Dishwasher 45cm White


SPS53M02GB Slimline Dishwasher A+ Energy


ActiveWater slimline Dishwasher 45cm Silver


ActiveWater slimline Dishwasher 45cm White


ActiveWater slimline Dishwasher 45cm


ActiveWater slimline Dishwasher 45cm Series 6


The WC432 is an A+ rated, slimline dishwasher. Whilst discreetly integrating into your kitchen design, it offers great functionality in a 45cm space. Holding up to 10 place settings, with 6 programmes and an easy to use LED display, this machine can cope with your family's needs. A useful delay timer also allows you to program your dishwasher to run at a time suited to you, making the most of low energy tariffs. Fitted with overflow protection, the WC432 will go unnoticed whilst performing brilliantly.




The WC600 is a fully integrated, A++ energy rated intelligent dishwasher. The clever sensor on this machine allows the perfect amount of water in to wash your dishes, according to the level of soiling. The LED interior light is a user friendly addition that makes loading and unloading your dishes quick and easy. The top level cutlery drawer finishes off the thoughtful design by making the most of the 15 place setting load capacity, whilst arranging cutlery in such a way as to achieve maximum cleaning results.




Cutlery Basket for Di629/Di627


NordMende Semi Integrated Dishwasher Black.


Small apartment, big party? With the AEG Compact dishwasher, there’s no need to wash up between courses. The 20-minute party program does the cleaning for you. So you can always have order in your kitchen.
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Cutlery Basket for Di477


NordMende Semi Integrated Dishwasher Stainless Steel.


Slimline Dishwasher. 9 Place Settings, 4 Programmes , 4 Temperatures, LED With Push Button Controls. 9.5lt Water Consumption, 49dB(A)
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NordMende DW46WH 10 Place Slimline Freestanding Dishwasher White


Semi integrated stainless steel dishwasher


With 7 programmes to choose from,12 place settings and A+AB energy efficiency this free standing dishwasher is a great addition to your busy household. Black


With 7 programmes to choose from,12 place settings and A+AB energy efficiency this free standing dishwasher is a great addition to your busy household.


Watersave, Fully Integrated Proclean Dishwasher. 13 Place Settings, 7 Programmes, 5 Temperatures, Beam on Floor, Glasscare Package with Soft Spikes & Soft grips, LED display with Electronic controls. 6.5lt Water Consumption, 44dB(A)
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De Dietrich Built In 60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher


This NordMende 60cm freestanding dishwasher has auto door and water box technology to significantly reduce energy usage to 0.67kWh & water consumption to 5.5 litres.




De Dietrich Built In 60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher




De Dietrich Built In 45cm Slimline Fully Integrated Dishwasher


45cm 9 place settings, 6 programmes, 4 temperature settings, Anti-leakage, delay, electronic (knob), concealed element, 49dB(A)


An extremely quiet appliance with low water consumption, 12 place settings,4 different programmes, adjustable baskets and an A+ energy rating, a great addition to have in your busy household. Official Partner of The Great Irish Bake Off This is our latest Integrated Dishwasher and features the most innovative of energy saving features like low water consumption, half load option and time delay.


60cm 12 place settings, 6 programmes, 4 temperature settings, Anti-leakage, delay, electronic (knob), concealed element, 49dB(A)


45cm Slimline Dishwasher , 5 programme, 10 place setting, 13 L


This 45cm fully integrated Nordmende slimline dishwasher model maintains all our great features into a tiny package making it perfect for the busy household.


60cm Drawer Line Dishwasher, Finger-friendly Stainless Steel Facia panel Energy Efficiency Class A+A


This is a top of the range fully integrated dishwasher,with nine washing functions and an additional cutlery tray providing more space for convenience. A great addition to a busy household.

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